The Value Realization Framework Blueprint


The Axonify Value Realization Framework is the blueprint for how you can effectively articulate your organization's Business Goals and the results that can be achieved using Axonify. The framework is designed to showcase the connections being made between the business goal, the change in behavior that you are looking to drive, as well as the learning taking place as a result of engagement within the platform. This framework has become integral to our success and is therefore very important to use in order to keep track of your progress with Axonify.

Be sure to fill out the attached VR Framework Template (PowerPoint file) with your expected outcomes out as you start your Axonify journey, and continue to update it as you achieve these expected outcomes.

The VR Framework consists of four levels:CS_Primary_Slides_Mar_28__1_.jpg

Level 1: Engagement


Engagement is the foundation of the Value Realization Framework. In order to achieve any success, we need to ensure that your frontline employees are logging into Axonify and participating in their daily training. A key piece to ensuring engagement within the platform is a strong Engagement Plan, which will proactively map the activities and communications you should do to keep the Axonify spark alive.

The Metrics:

We strive to have our customers at 80% participation within Axonify; that said we recognize that each of you has your own measure of a successful participation score for your organization, and we will work with you to make sure you are on track. It is important to remember that the more your employees are participating in their daily training, the more knowledge growth you will see.

Gathering the Metrics:

Leverage the Axonify reporting capabilities to understand how engaged your users are:


  • Participation Rate: 93%
  • Frequency Rate: 14.2x



Level 2: Knowledge Growth


Knowledge Growth happens naturally each time your employees log into Axonify to participate in their daily training. The goal is to build knowledge in areas that are closely tied to the business goal you are trying to achieve. To do this, it is imperative that the training program and content created is focused on the specific objective of driving toward business results.  

The Metrics:

Because knowledge growth is heavily dependent on the content that is being delivered, the growth may vary. That said, we strive to see a knowledge growth of greater than 10%.

Gathering the Metrics:

Knowledge Growth is measured by comparing baseline knowledge with current knowledge. The baseline average is calculated from the first time a question has been answered, and the current average is calculated from the last two times a question has been answered; you then measure your knowledge growth between the two.


In the example below, you can see that the baseline average is 74% and the current average is 87% - this means that there has been a knowledge growth of 13%.



Level 3: Behavior Change


By aligning your content with a measurable outcome, the change in behavior will have a significant influence on the results you are aiming to achieve. The intent is to assess and determine the extent to which your frontline employees can demonstrate the transfer of learning toward a positive outcome on-the-job.

The Metrics:

Evaluation of behavior change is primarily conducted through observation which takes place over time, post-training. It is the execution of knowledge gained to increase performance that delivers a business result.

Gathering the Metrics:

During the observation and evaluation of an employee, it becomes clear if there is a change in job performance based on the training they have received.


Level 4: Business Goal & Results


Value Realization ties Axonify participation together in a way that connects the dots between the learning that takes place, and business results. When beginning with the end in mind, Value Realization will showcase that results are influenced by behavior change, behavior change is influenced by knowledge, and the only way to grow knowledge in a scalable way is through consistent daily engagement with a personal platform like Axonify.  

The Metrics:

Robust reporting capabilities in Axonify such as participation and frequency reports, knowledge growth and user summary reports, LeaderZone, and Impact provide you with the metrics needed to determine if you have achieved your business goal.

Gathering the Metrics:

By leveraging Axonify Impact and other forms of reporting, you can compare your business data with Axonify data to determine correlation and attribution between Axonify and a positive business result.


Example: The Full Picture

Starting with the goal in mind, in this example, Customer X wanted to decrease safety incidents which would bring overall savings to the business. We can see that there was an average participation of 80% within Axonify at a frequency of 3 – 4 times per week. This resulted in an overall knowledge growth of 10% for all employees in the topics related to workplace safety. The behavior that Customer X started to observe was that employees were more confident in making decisions about which processes to use during a particular task, and they applied safe workplace practices on the job. Because of this behavior change, employees were working smarter and faster and were prepared when faced with a workplace safety issue.  

This resulted in a reduction in safety incidents which was ultimately a savings to the business of $500,000 over a 12-month period.


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