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There are many options when it comes to reporting within Axonify. What you need and when depends on where you are in your Axonify journey. It is important to understand the data points that are valuable to you and your team, as well as what information is valuable to stakeholders in your organization. To help you navigate our Reports feature, we have created The Axonify Reporting Toolkit.

Axonify’s Value Realization Framework is the blueprint to effectively articulate your business goals and the results achieved throughout your journey. Leverage the framework as a guide to help you create valuable reporting that you can present to all levels of your organization to demonstrate the value you have achieved using Axonify. And just like the Framework, the Reporting Toolkit has been designed to help you align what data and reports match each stage of Value Realization.

If you want a quick summary of our reporting, check out the Axonify Reports Summary at the bottom of the page! 


Measure of Success


Level 1: Engagement

Adoption of the platform by your employees is fundamental to your success. The following questions can help you determine whether your employees are actively engaged in the platform:

    • How many users are loaded in the platform relative to the number of licenses?
    • How many users have been deployed and launched (content is being delivered to them)?
    • How frequently are users logging into the platform?
    • Are users completing training and answering questions often?
    • Are they having a good experience?

To report on platform engagement, there are five reporting options: Participation reports, Training Sessions, Surveys, LeaderZone, and Customized Data Exports.

1. The Participation Report: Determine If Your Team Is Engaged

Understanding which of your learners are engaged in the platform will become crucial for you as an Admin.  With this report, you can measure the Participation Rate & Frequency of your learners, and drill down into the Teams graphs to determine which of your teams are more or less active, which teams are leading, and which teams need further encouragement. 


By drilling into a team’s participation data as shown below, you can find out how many users have participated at each training frequency. For example, by hovering over one of the bars in the bar graph on the right, you will find out that 8.9% of your team members (5 people) have used the system 11 times in the last 30 days. 


2. Training Sessions - Overall Activity

The Training Sessions report demonstrates whether overall Axonify activity is increasing, and which program types people are completing (Daily, Intro, Certification, etc.). Important to note:

      • Are the lines on the graph going up? (The number of sessions)
      • Which type of training sessions are being completed?
      • What is the overall trend in the level of activity?


In the graph above, look out for dips and spikes in the number of training sessions completed over time. It is most beneficial to view this graph in terms of a weekly or monthly trend, which you can toggle between in the top left corner. If you have just launched a Certification program, you would analyze this graph looking to see a spike in the Certification line, which would indicate your learners are accessing and completing this program effectively. If there is an unpredicted dip, you may need to look into the program further and ensure learners are assigned to the correct programs or that the program has been officially delivered to all appropriate groups.

3. Get Feedback - Surveys - Scores & Comments

Survey reports give you the data that supports the experience learners are having. Surveys are a good way to gauge how your users feel about Axonify or any other feedback you are looking for from your users. You can present these results using a Survey report.

4. Track Overall Adoption - LeaderZone: Non-Participants, Experts & Team Metrics

With the LeaderZone reports, get insight into the overall adoption of Axonify by learners, highlighting who isn’t logging in, who is a top performer, and an overall snapshot of team performance. For example: 

If you’re looking at adoption, you care about:

  • Who hasn’t logged in over the last 7 days and take action
  • How to get them to log in
  • Who is an expert (someone who has graduated a topic, has a current average over 90% and high confidence) As a manager, you may want to grow this number to include everyone on your team over time.


5. Data Exports - Customize and Schedule Reports

If you can’t find what you want in a standard report, you can create a customized data export. You can also schedule a report to run on a cadence using a Scheduled Data Export. Head to the Exports section in AdminZone to create your own custom export. 



Level 2: Knowledge Growth

Once you’ve launched Axonify, and have established engagement with learners, use these six report options to evaluate your learner's knowledge growth and confidence levels. 

1. Knowledge Summary

This report provides a topic-by-topic breakdown of knowledge progression. You can use this to understand wins and optimize your content strategy by reviewing how users are performing and progressing in various topics. It is helpful to use the Knowledge Summary report in conjunction with the Topic Progress report, to understand how many topics have been completed and therefore are contributing to the knowledge growth. Learn more about the Knowledge Summary report.



2. User Summary

Use this report to understand how users are doing overall or in a particular topic area. On the left side of the report, you can select Category, Subject, Topic, and difficulty level to dig deeper into how users are performing in specific topics and how their knowledge has changed over time. You can also use this report to find out, for example, how product training is progressing for a specific piece of content, with a specific user audience. Learn more about the User Summary report.



3. Question Summary

Use this report to analyze how questions are performing and to understand which questions are too hard/too easy, and which may need adjustment. This report will also keep you informed of how many times questions have been answered, and give end-users a fair opportunity to answer them several times before changing anything. Learn more about the Question Summary report.


4. Topic Progress

Use this report to get a sense of how users are progressing through topics, and whether new content is needed. Generally, when you see Expert and Graduate bars going past the 50% line, you know it’s time to add additional content to create more variety for learners. Learn more about the Topic Progress Report.


5. LeaderZone - Needs Coaching, Overconfident, Experts

In the LeaderZone > Metrics section, you can identify which of your learners require coaching with the Needs Coaching, and Overconfident reports. The insights from these reports will highlight those learners that need coaching, or that are confidently answering questions incorrectly in their training (and likely applying the wrong knowledge on the job!). Leverage the Experts from this report to identify those learners that can help guide and coach those who need additional assistance. Check out all of the LeaderZone reports here.



Level 3: Behaviors

If you’ve deployed Axonify Behaviors, these reports will provide an additional measurement of learning all the way through to behavior change in your learners. To use these reports, you will need to have the Behaviors feature turned on in your platform settings. The Behaviors report is found in AdminZone > Reports. Use this report to analyze and review the metrics for the observed behaviors on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Learn more about the Behaviors report.Screen_Shot_2019-07-16_at_3.50.25_PM.png


Level 4: Results

You’ve been using Axonify for some time, and now you want to highlight the results you are seeing since launch. There are two approaches you can use to determine this:

  • Correlation → Business Value Analysis
    • Compare your business metrics with an Axonify Participation or Knowledge report to determine if there is a correlation between learners with higher [business metric] and learners with higher [Axonify metric].
  • Causation → Axonify Impact
    • Use Axonify Impact to see which programs are generating the biggest impact on your goals, and how knowledge and participation influence the results you are seeing. With 6 months of data in the platform, Axonify Impact can give you real-time business impact analytics. See how Axonify Impact can help your business.


Key Takeaways: What to use with whom, and why!

You will likely have to present one or all of these reports to others on your team throughout your journey with Axonify. Here, we have outlined a general guide on which reports to use with whom in your organization, and why!



Value Realization Example:


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